A math-inspired love story in verse

For post #100 on this blog I wrote a poem.  This is post #200 and I decided to start a tradition.

This is a poem written jointly with Allison Bishop.  It is an epic love story.  Math is involved.  The title is still in the works.

The triangle was born in a triangle land
Where lived all triangles, hand in hand
They lived in three-sided houses and went to three-sided schools
They ate off three-sided plates and sat on three-legged stools

But one day the triangle met a square
And was stopped in her tracks by his four-sided stare
And the square himself realized in surprise
He’d never seen such beauty with his four-sided eyes

So their lives together they decided to share
But with this resolved, the question was where?

For the triangle world the square proved unfit,
‘Cause through triangle doors he just could not fit.
After breaking a few when he could not make way,
The other triangles chased him away.

So the triangle followed him to four-sided land
But quickly found that wherever she’d stand
Her pointy end would poke and tear
So the quadrangle world they could not share.

The square had an idea, he would save the day.
He could simply give one of his angles away!
Since he had four angles, and she had three
He could cut one off, and well-matched they’d be

So he took some shears and chopped off a corner
Then looked in the mirror and found to his horror
Where four sides had been, there were now five
Oh what a cruel day to be alive!

But the triangle thought fast, she knew what to do!
If the square could gain one side, then she could gain two!
She picked up the shears, she was not afraid,
With a snip and a snap, two cuts were made.

He looked at her with sadness no more,
So filled with joy that he could soar.
Now they both had five sides, and went off together
To live happily in five-sided land forever.

About aofradkin

I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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