A math-inspired poem

It’s hard for me to believe, but this is post #100 on this blog!  For that reason, I decided to post something different and wacky – a poem!  Can you spot the math in it?

This tale is of a strangest man,
A lad I’ll try not mock,
But what would you say if you saw a shoe beneath his sock?

It wasn’t just the socks though –
My interesting friend,
Cared not at all in what order his clothes on him went.

At first I thought I’d let him be,
He was a priceless sight!
But then upon some further thought, chose to set matters right.

“I know it well,” I said to him,
“as one plus one is two,
you absolutely cannot put a sock atop a shoe.”

Ask anyone, they’ll tell you, friend,
From elephants to ants,
Your underwear goes on first, and only then the pants”

And the blue shirt that you have on,
(I like it, let me note)
But tell, what good could it do you, when worn over that coat?

“What difference does it make?” – he asked,
“Explain it to me now,
All proper articles are on, so does it matter how?”

So back and forth we walked and talked
‘Twas dark ere we were done
So we agreed to disagree before the night was gone

About aofradkin

I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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3 Responses to A math-inspired poem

  1. David says:

    At least his clothes aren’t inside him!


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