Numicon – combining geometry and arithmetic

Translated from this post by Jane Kats.

This year, we are actively using the Numicon tool in our classes.  We have two sets like this one – and it’s plenty for a group of 12. (Translator’s note – here is a slightly smaller set more readily available on amazon).

Sometimes I ask the children to bring me two pieces of different colors and count how many holes there are altogether.  

And recently, we drew another set of puzzles for Numicon. 

You have to find two different Numicon pieces to make each shape.  (Translator’s note – instructions on the sheet say “Put this shape together using two different pieces of Numicon”).


You need to pick the pieces, see if they fit and count the holes.


It’s interesting that when kids use the same two Numicon pieces for a different shape, they still have to recount the holes.



It’s a nice bonus that many of these problems have 2-3 solutions.


How do you play with Numicon?

About aofradkin

I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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