My very own Beautiful Oops!

  1. Katie really likes crepes, but she hasn’t had them in a while.
  2. I used to like making crepes, but I haven’t done it in quite a longer while.

Earlier this week, Katie complained about #1, which reminded me of #2.  This prompted me to promise her crepes on Saturday (today!) for breakfast.  She became very excited, as she had not remembered eating crepes made by me, and she’s only had crepes for dinner in the past.

This morning, I woke up feeling a bit nervous.  The crepe-making process has always had a bit of variability and unpredictability for me, although usually things worked out pretty well in the end.  This time, there were a few extra complicating factors.  The first was Katie’s recent egg allergy, which meant that these crepes would have to be made with an egg-replacement substance.  The second was the fact that Zoe was already awake and wanted to watch and “help”.

Still, I went downstairs trying to think optimistically.  The batter-making part of the procedure went quite smoothly, even with Zoe helping to add and mix the ingredients (or was it because she got to help?).   And now it was time to start the “real” part of the experiment.

I was totally ready for the first crepe to stick and burn;  this happened almost every time.  However, after the third one ended up in the trash, I started to get a bit agitated.  Luckily, by this point everyone was far away from the kitchen, waiting patiently upstairs.  Unfortunately though, my frustration could soon be not only sensed but also heard from almost every part of the house – something I’m not proud of, but had a very hard time controlling.

After about half the batter was used up, I had half a dozen creations that barely deserved the name of the product that Katie had asked for.  At this point, I called everyone downstairs and told them that sadly, crepes for breakfast were probably not going to happen this time around.

You can probably imagine the look of disappointment in Katie’s eyes.  Holding back tears, she declared, “Mom, you can’t just give up!”  I was speechless.  All I could think of was “role reversal.”  Meanwhile, my husband started explaining to Katie that sometimes giving up, to come back to something later, is the best thing to do.

Suddenly, I had an idea.  Once, a very long time ago, when a crepe-making attempt turned into a total failure – just like this time – I was able to adjust the batter a bit and make pancakes instead.  I quickly told Katie about this; she gave me a look that was both skeptical and hopeful at the same time.

As you might have already guessed, this story has a happy ending (would I be writing about it otherwise?).  Not only did the pancakes turn out beautiful and delicious, but I was also able to turn my daughter’s disappointment into admiration.

“Mom, I’m so proud of you,” Katie said after eating the pancakes.  “You made your own Beautiful Oops!”  (A Beautiful Oops is a book that Katie got for her birthday a few weeks ago and has been rereading almost on a daily basis).

And here it is:


And the ugly crepes, that ended up tasting not so terribly after all.


And finally, the most important thing – a happy Katie!


About aofradkin

I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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2 Responses to My very own Beautiful Oops!

  1. bovetsky says:

    I have a good recipe of eggless crepes.


  2. David says:

    What a tasty mistake! 🙂


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