Nets and Decorations

For the past two weeks, we have been continuing to explore 3D objects, and more specifically their nets.  During the first lesson, we played with the nets of a cube.  The kids were given pictures of hexominoes (arrangements of 6 squares) and tasked with determining which of them could be folded into a cube.  To help them with this, they were given Magformer squares.  They would first make the hexomino using the Magformers, and then see if theycould fold it into a cube.

photo 1 (23)

photo 2 (23)Even our youngest students did very well!

photo 4 (14)The last assignment of the day was to color a given net of a cube (with three colors) in such a way that when it is folded, opposite sides get the same color.  This was quite a bit more challenging, and some children required multiple tries.  Luckily, the correctness of the solution was easily verifiable.

photo 3 (19)The second class on the topic of nets is best described in pictures.  The kids made mathematical holiday decorations.  Here is a sample:

photo 4-1 (5) photo 3-1 (5) photo 2-1 (7) photo 1-1 (7)

photo 1-2 (3)

photo 2-2 (3)

photo 3-2What are your experiences with making mathematical art?

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I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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1 Response to Nets and Decorations

  1. Joshua says:

    We did a series of origami activities, including making platonic solids, that the kids really enjoyed.
    Another activity that was mostly artistic was just playing with drafting tools (compass, t-square, some standard triangle templates) and colored pencils.

    My personal mathematical tastes tend more toward algebra and number theory, so I have to consciously remind myself to look out for tactile and visual mathematics and activities. I will be borrowing your hexomino activity soon (probably using polydrons)!


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