Who’s on First?

Katie and I were downstairs in the dining room while my husband was upstairs entertaining Zoe.  Suddenly, Katie and I hear a bang. 

Katie (pointing to the ceiling): Someone is on the roof!

Me: No, that noise came from your room.

Katie (pointing once again): That’s my room?  But that’s the ceiling!

Me: It’s the ceiling of this room, but it’s the floor of your room.

Katie: So they think they’re on the bottom when they’re really on top!

Later when we were upstairs:

Me: So are we on the bottom or on top.

Katie: We are both.

Me: If you appeared in a closed room of a house you did not know, would you be able to tell what floor you are on?

Katie: No…Wait, but then how do we know that we’re on the second floor now?

Me: Because we know this house and we know that we had to come upstairs to get here.

She was very amused by all of this.  She kept coming up with her own scenarios of her being on various floors and not knowing which ones.  It was a fun conversation!

About aofradkin

I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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