Magnetic Fun

Some months ago, Katie received a small set of Magformers as a present.  I was immediately impressed with the way these things were built, and we spent a few days playing with them.  However, the set that she got only contained 14 pieces (8 triangles and 6 squares), and so after building pretty much everything that could be built, we put it away for a while.

At our large Thanksgiving gathering last week, someone had brought this set of Magformers that contains 62 pieces, and I saw what one can really do with these things.  During the four days, kids of literally all ages (about 2-45) spent hours playing with them, making a myriad of structures.   Some were very mathematical, while others were more artistic in nature.  I was extremely impressed when a ten year old girl made this:

Image   I think that Katie can look forward to a bigger set in the near future!

Addendum: I just found out that she also made this:



About aofradkin

I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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