The story of a shoe

Yesterday evening, Katie and I went on an adventure.  It wasn’t a random walk in the dark with flashlights – it was a walk with a purpose.  We were looking for a shoe that Zoe (my 10 month old) had lost earlier that day.  Katie was very excited to wear a flashlight on her head, even though it took her some time to figure out that she had to look down to see the light that it was giving off.  While walking we discussed that the shoe was brown and so it might be hard to find in the dark, as well as in the large piles of mostly brown leaves.  We agreed that it would be much easier to notice if it had been white or some other light color. 

We went as far as the shoe could have been, but did not find it.  On the way back we lamented over loosing the cute little shoe, but we also talked about how much fun it was going out in the dark with flashlights and looking for it.  If only excuses to do that would come up more often!  

When we got home, the first thing I noticed was a little brown shoe at the bottom of the stroller.  I then looked up and saw the second (or rather first) shoe on the stand, where I had put it earlier.  The ‘lost’ shoe never left the stroller; it had just neatly fallen into the bottom basket.  Katie and I had a really long laugh about it.  All’s well that ends well! 


About aofradkin

I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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