Jane Katz’ camp

Yesterday we came back from an awesome week spent at the family camp led by Jane Katz.  The location (YMCA Camp Speers-Eljabar in the poconos) had beautiful grounds with a lake, climbing tower, and access to many fun outdoor activities.  The weather was perfect, and most of the time was spent outside, whether it was doing arts-and-crafts, playing board games, or just socializing.  Katie had a great time, and so did we.  All of us made many friends.  Here are a few highlights that I managed to capture on camera.  There were many many more equally fun activities (such as running around the camp looking for hidden treasures, archery, canoeing, weaving, to name a few) that I unfortunately do not have pictures for.


Making huge bubbles!

ImageImageMaking tiling patterns out of colorful shapes cut out of rugs.

ImageImagePart of an obstacle course.  This looks easier than it actually is!  The log is not on the ground, but hanging by two ropes.  When you try to walk it moves!  It took me many tries before I could make it all the way across.

ImageAn art project made by Katie (with help).  The sheep is made out of a substance consisting mostly of shaving cream!

ImageMaking pictures out of colorful and eatable play dough.

ImageBuilding out of peas and toothpicks.

ImageKatie, Zoe, Ari, and Ben in a wagon.  This wagon provided much amusement to kids of all ages and I was very surprised that it survived the week.


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I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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1 Response to Jane Katz’ camp

  1. Scott says:

    Learning by playing outside with friends — it doesn’t get better than that!


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