Colorful Tens

Katie and I made this out of construction paper. I thought that we were showing all possible ways of making 10 out of two numbers, but Katie had a completely different explanation for my husband when he asked her about it. “We made a house in which live Pinky, Greeny, Yellowy, Whitey,” and so on…  The project was a lot of fun but took quite a while to make.  It was good practice of cutting and pasting skills!Colorful Tens

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I enjoy thinking about presenting mathematical concepts to young children in exciting and engaging ways.
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2 Responses to Colorful Tens

  1. I really like this – it looks neat and teaches kids about components of numbers. I have a question – is the purpose of the exercise to learn about what two numbers make 10 (that’s what dad was trying to convince me of). I guess my question is – would it be a useful exercise to teach the kids that you can also make 10 out of three green squares, four red, and three blue (not necessarily gluing them to a page but with colorful blocks or something?) I guess I would like to understand the goals better so I can improvise on this in a class setting 🙂 (this question probably totally exposes me as a non mathematician and a non-professional teacher :))


  2. aofradkin says:

    Yes, I think that it would definitely be a fun and useful exercise. You can make many strips of each color (where each color has a particular length) and have the kid play around with putting them together and making equal lengths. I’ve been wanting to do that with Katie but I keep not getting around to making the strips. I think that for this, gluing the different color strips onto cardboard would be best, both for putting them together and for durability. After the kid feels comfortable with making the same length in different ways you can start asking questions like ‘in how many ways can we make 10 out of three smaller numbers? what about 4?’ and so on. It’ll probably take us some time to get to that though.


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